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Source tagging program makes the shoplifter confused
Sometimes in the surveillance video, we can see an alarm label is ripped off by a shoplifter from the merchandise. How to reduce this state? After reading the follow text, I will let you know.

The following article is a confusing experience from a thief.

"HEy, today i shoplifted new shoes, pretty good and stylish ones. My technique was simple. Get in shoe store with old shoes on, pick new ones, wear them on and put old shoes in the box.Anyways, I was looking for quite long for the tag inside shoes, but I couldn't find it in neither shoe. I thought then that the security gates at the shop entrance is just a dummy sec. gate, so I went outside. Unfortunately, it beeped. I looked back with surprised expression on my face, but was still calm and walked away calmly. No one came after me.But now I need to find that bitch ass tag or else the security gates of all stores I'll walk through will beep.Any idea where could it be? I'm pretty sure it's a soft sticker tag, but It could be "integrated" or sewed in the shoe and maybe clerks just demagnetize them.

Any idea?'"

If you are a shop owner, you must be very indignant after having read the above text. Why the thief can not find alarm label but alarm is triggered?
If you have implemented The Source tagging program, then you may know the secret--An alarm label might be integrated into the bottom of shoes during production process. Unless if you destroy the soles, or else someone simply can not find the alarm label at all.

Obviously the shop owner related to the above text didn't work well, he let the thief slipped...