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EAS solutions for different industries

(1) EAS Solutions for supermarkets and hypermarkets

Vikson supplies supermarkets with serious of shrink management solutions to meet their security demands.
Vikson solutions are designed to help supermarket operators address their security and merchandise visibility concerns while providing a Satisfying shopping environment.
Increasingly, supermarkets have expanded their offering to selling everything from fishing tackle to pharmacies, presenting a unique challenge of protecting and deterring theft of high-risk assets.
Vikson’s innovative solutions help retailers stay ahead of the competition by reducing the rate of theft, enhancing store security and reduce labor costs through source tagging, supermarket security tag, and apparel labeling solutions. 

(2) EAS Solutions for fashion apparels 

Elevate brand awareness, reduce shrink and increase merchandise visibility
The fashion industry is a rapid development industry, and apparel retailers need to have fast and flexible solutions to adapt influential brand, secure their items, and provide real-time feedback on inventory of merchandise throughout a complex supply chain. From variety of clothes to smaller items such as scarf and gloves, apparel retailers and vendors also need to ensure these items are properly branded and ticketed, as well as secured, on a good visual effect to consumers. • Retailer orders clothes security tags via on-line system
• Tags printed on demand 
• Fully Integrated Tag (FIT) 

Vikson is dedicated in a comprehensive suite of retail solutions to help retailers reduce shrink, enhance efficiency and improve profit. These include:
• Apparel labeling: including all forms of tickets, tags and labels, which are integrated with security chip, providing a wide selection for different merchandise, to give them comprehensive protection on security.
• Loss prevention: The Electronic Article surveillance system is aimed at keeping merchandise well protected, without degrading the customer's shopping experience.
• Source tagging program: To apply the tag/ labels at manufacture to ensure merchandise arrives shelf on time, and reduce labor cost.

(3) EAS Solutions in pharmacy.
As the development of drug stores, more and more rich product line covers cosmetics, razor blades, foods and electronics... The business scope are already not confined to medicines and healthcare products. So they have to face new challenge on loss prevention. Many products in drug stores are small, highly portable and easy to walk off with in volume.
Vikson provides high-performance EAS system, from small size DR labels to advanced EAS sensor

(4) EAS Solutions for Electronics and groceries
The consumer electronics industry is one of the fast-moving consumer-driven business in the world. Hot items in the electronics stores are often the targets of thieves. 
How do you protect high-value and high-risk merchandise that is tempting to shoplifters, dishonest employees and ORC (Organized retail crime) gangs, while providing easy access to shoppers looking to compare multiple models and features at their convenience?
Vikson has solutions for all types of merchandise, and they work cohesively to provide the ultimate in product protection and safety. These solutions help retailers reduce shrink and reap the benefits of a strong source tagging program.

(5) EAS Solutions for DIY stores

More and more peoples turn to DIY stores to select the hardware and home-improvement products, as they found the joys from hands-on activities.
The DIY stores stocked with tempting products include variety of hand tools, home decors and appliances costing from 1 dollars to hundreds of dollars. 
The broad product range and portable high-value merchandises are also target for shoplifters and ORC organizations. But at the same time, retailers know that what mean of out of stock. If a consumer can not find a specific item on shelves, it will be easy to turn to their competitors nearby, and they may lose the customer forever.
Discover the many ways in which Vikson can help you protect profits, fight shrink and increase sales. Vikson offer DIY stores advanced solutions for: 
• Shrink management, from advanced EAS systems to easy applied Tags and labels. 
• Merchandise visibility , ensuring ready availability of products in order to increase sales and profits, while enhancing customer satisfaction 

(6) Specialty solutions to meet your needs
In addition to the extensive lineup of retailers, there are also many extremely specific stores who are only dealing with single or small number of merchandise types, such as book stores, cosmetics stores, eyewear stores and music stores, to name a few. 
Vikson offers a comprehensive approach to helping retailers of all types increase their sales by providing for attractive, open merchandise environments while protecting retailers’ profits.