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The development history of EAS security
EAS security, also known as Electronic Article Surveillance system, is one of the widely used commodity protection measures by large retail industry. It is comes out in the United State in the mid-1960s,. Initially it is used in the apparel industry, now has been extended to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, applied extended to departments stores, supermarkets, bookstores etc, especially got highly development in the large scale supermarket.
EAS system mainly consists of three parts: Sensor, Deactivator and Electronic tags. The electronic tags include Soft label and Hard tag. Soft label has lower-cost but disposable, it can be attached on merchandise by a sticker. Hard tags cost expensive than soft labels, but it can be recycle used. It mostly used on the soft merchandise such as clothes, shoes and bags etc. It should be opened by a special Detacher.
Deactivator is used for decoding soft labels, it is a non-contact device, with a decoding height. Some times the deactivator and laser barcode scanner can be integrated together, than the Money collection and decoding can be made together. This technology ask for the cooperation from barcode scanner supplier, to eliminate the interference of the two devices.
If some merchandise with an active label taken away from the store, when it pass through the EAS sensor(detection door), the label will trigger an alarm, to alert clerk and customer to dispose immediately.
As the development of EAS technology, there are six kinds of system based on different principles. They are Electromagnetic wave (EM) system, Microwave system, Radio Frequency(RF) system, Frequency demultiplication system, Alarm intelligent system as well as Acousto-Magnetic(AM) system.