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RF frozen labels

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rf frozen labels

rf frozen label for foods                 rf frozen label for foods

As the name suggests, RF frozen labels are specialty labels formulated specifically for use in frigid environments. Every element of the label—especially the substrate, adhesive, and inks—must not only be stable at room temperature, it must also be able to withstand the extreme cold of many food packaging/storage, laboratory, and warehouse settings. It's especially important that the adhesive itself doesn't freeze or deaden, causing the label to detach and fall off the package.

Compared with traditional RF label, the RF frozen label is covered with film on one side of double sides, thus makes it working normally in freezer. 

Relative question:

If the RF frozen label can be put on meet or foods directly?

No, this label is "frozen label, but not food label, so it can be only stick onto the packing film of foods, but can not be put on foods directly.

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