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Ink security tag

Ink security tag (Benefit denial) series is designed for protecting some high-value and high-theft merchandises, it takes radical protection to deter theft. Some warning words printed on the tag to declare this is a benefit denial tag; Colored ink pipes was embedded into the ink security tag. Once it is illegally opened by violence, the inside permanent ink will make clothes dirty, can not for resale again. So it is also named as benefit denial tag. Vikson's ink security tag are designed with high performance, which will effectively increase the protection performance.

garment security tag-Benefit denial

Garment security tag

The Garment security tag V080 is a benifi denial ink security tag. It is competible with all RF sensors. It is a unconspicuous item, providing excellent protection performance for merchandise. The garment security tag is especially suitable for variety of garments.

ink tag pin

Ink tag pin (V076)

Ink tag pin The V076 Ink Security tag pin not contains a sensor coil, s

RF ink security tag used for clothes accessories

Golf ink Tag (V075)

The golf ink tag has a integrated ink pipe which filled with permanent color ink.

eas ink tag pin

EAS ink tag pin V079

SPECIFICATION: Frequency: Without alarm function Dimensions: 53×2

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