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Hard tag detacher

Tag detacher is used for removing the EAS hard tags, by separating a tag pin from the hard tag. Vikson supplies many styles of detachers matches for different hard tags. 

Notes: Considering of security problem, the company license is necessary before ordering the tag detacher products.

Ultra gator detacher

Ultra gator detacher

Ultra Gator detacher Item No.: DS03       

super tag detacher for removal of super tag

Super tag detacher (DS01)

The super detacher is used for removal of Super tags: No.VA505, VA506, VA507, VA508‚Äč

variety of security tag removers

Security tag remover

The security tag removers are used for removing variety of EAS hard tags.

EAS dome tag remover

Dome tag remover

Vikson supplies the whole range of EAS tag remover,products covers more than 20 styles.

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