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AM Pencil Tag Family (VA010-VA011-VA013)

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Am pencil tag family

Pencil tags are light weight slim EAS tags, with well detection performance. It is cost optimised hard tag, suitable for a wide range of products. The ligh weight design is ideal for protection of some delicate 

apparels.. Both frequency (8.2Mhz RF & 58Khz AM) are available.

The RF pencil tag is one of our best selling items.



  Item no. VA010           Item no. VA011                Item no. VA013

Common features:

Tag compliance

* The inner sensor part takes of magnet coil, with excellent detection performance ★★★

* Smart size;

* Widely Applied on Apparels, bags, shoes, watches etc.



Dimensions: 51×13mm

Material: Qualified ABS plastic

Inner magnetic coil is made of 100% copper

Frequency Available:  8.2MHZ (58KHZ)

Detection Rang: 1.2m~1.5m

Lock; Three Balls; Standard / Super Lock

Color: Gray, White or customize

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