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eas tag clutch

The EAS clutch serious is an independent lock mechanism without sensor chip, so it can not trigger alarm. Mostly it work together with the ink security tag/pin.It can be also used for fixing some art hang labels on merchandise through a pin. It can be removed with any magnetic detacher.

● Protect ink security tags if they are not installed through an active hard tag.

● Designed to hold ink security tag and soft hang tag.

clutch retainer used for eas tag

Clutch Retainer (VC003)

The Clutch retainer is used as a backing mechanism in combination with all be

eas clutch

Clutch (VC002)

SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: Ø28×19.5mm Lock: Three balls, Standard/Super Lock

Nipple Lock (VC001)

The Nipple lock clutch is a reusable magnetic locking mechanism as the EAS&nb

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