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58Khz AM labels,Acousto magnetic label

58Khz AM label (Acousto Magnetic label)  is made of magnetiostrictive ferromagnetic amorphous metal strip and magnetic strip. Compared with RF labels, it has much slim size, better detection performance, and excellent anti-metal performance. It is much suitable for cosmetic, perfume, and some other small items. DR label can be stick onto merchandise firmly, can not be split out easily.

The AM labels must work together with AM sensor.

Why choose Vikson's AM labels?

● The shell of label is made of 100% environmental friendly PE(Poly ethylene) material.

● Double resonators design highly improve the sensitivity.

● Available in a variety of formats

Format of AM labels:

ultra strip III sheet am labels
The anti-shoplifting solution sheet format is intended for hand application.
ultra strip III AM roll labels
The large roll format is designed for automatic application.

58khz sensormatic dr label

58Khz DR label (VA901)

Materials of cons

58khz security label with barcode

58Khz Security label (VA902)

The 58Khz security label is most used on retails shops which selling personal cares products. It has smart size and high detection ability, will competible with AM sensor.

Ultra strip III Insertable Label

Ultra strip III Insertable AM Label

The Ultra•Strip III Insertable label is designed to be inserted into plastic shrink wrapped packaging such as medicine, DVD cases and perfume boxes. It should not be inserted into products intended for children's use. The bag format is intended for hand application.​

Ultra strip III hang tag (VA907)

Ultra strip III hang tag (VA907)

The Ultra•Strip III Hang tag is designed for some small size merchandise, which can not be adhesive, such as jewelry and ornaments. The bag format is intended for hand application.

sensormatic labels 58khz for retail security

Sensormatic labels

The sensormatic labels are compatible with all 58KHz AM systems, with excellent detection performance and low profile.The sensormatic labels provides different styles for a wide options.

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